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National Electoral Commission published result of parliamentary election from 99.49 percent of constituenciesReuters TV
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The National Electoral Commission has announced the parliamentary election results from 99,49 percent of constituencies. Law and Justice won 43,76 percent of votes; Civic Coalition - 27,24 percent; the Left - 12,52 percent; Polish People's Party - 8,58 percent; Confederation - 6,79 percent.


The National Electoral Commission informed at a press conference on Monday after 1.30 pm about the parliamentary election results from 99.49 percent of all local electoral committees.

Partial results of 2019 parliamentary election - results from over 90 percent of local electoral committees

According to the data from 27.275 out of 27.415 local electoral committees, Law and Justice received votes from 8.006.908 people which 43.76 percent of all votes. Civic Coalition received 4.483.821 votes which is 27.24 percent. Candidates of the Left won 2.290.848 votes which os 12.52 percent.

Polish People's Party won 1.569.014 votes which is 8.58 percent. Confederation was supported by 1.242.673 people which is 6.79 percent of all votes.

The remaining committees did not pass the 5-percent minimum threshold.

Non-Partisan Local Governors won 144.569 votes which translated 0.79 percent of support.

German Minority - 32.094 votes - 0.18 percent.

Piotr Liroy-Marzec's Effectuals - 18.918 votes - 0.10 percent.

Action of Disappointed Pensioners - 5.448 votes - 0.03 percent.

The Right - 1.765 votes - 0.01 percent.

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