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Donald Tusk: Nord Stream 2 is against EU interests

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TVN24Donald Tusk says Russian Nord Stream 2 threatens EU interest

"I've said it many times as European Council chief, and as prime minister - it's a mistake and an inexcusable one. A mistake caused by egoistically defined German interest," acting chairman of Civic Platform Donald Tusk said in TVN24 on Friday. He stressed that the construction of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was contrary to the interest of the EU as a whole.

"Angela Merkel said many times when we spoke face to face that this was very bad for the European Union, that she wasn't the one who had made the original decision, but it was already at a stage where there was no coming back," Tusk said.

He added he assessed the decision to construct the pipeline negatively. "I think this stands against the interest of the EU as a whole, not to mention Poland or Ukraine, which everyone knows by the way," he said.

"Whenever Germany acts egoistically in Europe, the consequences are worse due the size of the its economy and the country's importance. There's no justification for this," Tusk emphasised.

"However, we won't gain anything more in Europe, also from Germany, if we are active and respected partners within the EU. Especially if we stand aside, offended by everyone and offending them back, we won't have any impact whatsoever on anyone's decisions. This is the problem which puts the whole point of PiS policy into question," the former PM said.

Nord Stream 2 may be launched already on October 1

American business portal Bloomberg, based on insider reports, has reported that the first Nord Stream 2 pipeline may be launched already on October 1. Both pipelines are to become fully operational by December 1.

Gazprom has announced its readiness to transfer 5.6 billion cubic metres of gas already this year.

Nord Stream 2 was initially planned to be launched in 2019, but its construction was delayed due to contractors' fear of American sanctions - Bloomberg reminds. The portal added the situation has changed when President Biden waived some of the sanctions in May this year, and then promised Germany to react to Russia's attempts to blackmail Ukraine by using gas supplies.


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