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Hospital at National Stadium suspends activities on Sunday

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National Stadium in Warsaw displays caption saying "Stay at Home"
PGE NarodowyNational Stadium in Warsaw displays caption saying "Stay at Home"

Activities of the temporary hospital at the National Stadium will be suspended on Sunday - the government vaccination programme coordinator Michał Dworczyk said on Wednesday. He added that most of the equipment will remain in place in case of another pandemic surge.

Government coordinator of vaccination programme and PM's top aide Michał Dworczyk, organised a press conference at the National Stadium in Warsaw, at which he summed up the activities of a temporary hospital and vaccination centre operating at the stadium.

"This Sunday, the last patient will be discharged" - Dworczyk announced. He explained that the hospital activities would be suspended. He reminded that the temporary hospital at the National Stadium was the first such facility in Poland.

The minister said that "within 12 days from prime minister Morawiecki's decision, the hospital was prepared and handed over to the MSWiA hospital in Warsaw, and already 17 days after the said decision the first patient was admitted". "In total, over 1,800 patients were hospitalised here, and lives of many of them were saved" - Dworczyk said.

He pointed out that there was also a vaccination point at the stadium. "Over 250,000 vaccinations were carried out here" - he informed. "All this would not have been possible if not for a team of fantastic people. Here, huge thanks are in order for doctors, nurses, paramedics and assistive personnel. For all people involved in this project" - the minister said.

The vaccination point at the National Stadium will keep on operating and most of the hospital infrastructure and equipment will remain in place.

"This is a safety measure, which we hope will not have to be used, but in case of a fourth wave (...), it will allow us to quickly reopen the facility in less than a day" - PM's aide said.


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