Chief auditor: my family is harassed by prosecutor and anti-graft office

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Poland's chief auditor tells prosecutor PiS chairman Kaczyński committed offenceTVN24
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TVN24Poland's chief auditor tells prosecutor PiS chairman Kaczyński committed offence

The President of the Supreme Audit Office Marian Banaś posted a tweet on Monday with his statement in which he requested publication of investigation materials gathered against him by the prosecutor's office and the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. "My closest people, children, wife, daughter-in-law, even my grandchildren are being harassed" - he wrote.

Marian Banaś wrote that he had decided to make a statement because of the situation and circumstances he had found himself in. "For nearly two years now, a team of Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and prosecutor's office officers have been collecting evidence of crimes I allegedly committed, which are being widely and frequently mentioned in the media" - said the chief of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK).

"My closest people, children, wife, daughter-in-law are being harassed, even my grandchildren witnessed the search of my son's house. My former co-workers, friends and their businesses are objects of CBA interest" - the statement reads.

According to Banaś, "huge effort and means have been employed for one goal only", which as he claims is to "pin something" on him and his family.

He reminded that "nearly two years ago, minister Mariusz Kamiński personally informed the public that he had materials proving beyond any doubt" that Banaś had committed a crime. "It's been nearly two years since Mariusz Kamiński filed a report against me to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Białystok. During this time, despite the alleged evidence mentioned by the interior minister, the prosecutor's office did not question me as a witness, nor as a suspect" - the NIK chief stressed.

"And therefore I ask, what is this investigation for, is it meant to reliably investigate the case, or rather persecute me and my family? In my opinion, it's a form of blackmail meant to force me to quit as the Supreme Audit Office chief" - Banaś wrote. "I'm a just man, devoted to the Polish state, I value transparency and honesty in both personal and business relations" - he reassured.

He called upon minister Kamiński and justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro to release all case files gathered during the two years of investigation for the public to see what's in them. "I demand a transparent answer to the question: what is the aim of this inquiry?" - Banaś wrote in his statement.

He underscored that he had no concerns as to his honesty. "Maybe I've made some human errors, for which I will have to face independent courts, but I've never knowingly committed crimes, nor have I acted to the detriment of public interest" - he explained.

"Therefore, I expect publication of case files, to which I will certainly relate and prove that the whole operation launched by Mariusz Kamiński against me and my family was meant only to force me to resign as the NIK president" - Banaś concluded.


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