Government: members of 5 professions to be vaccinated with priority

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The health minister has agreed to prioritise vaccinations of representatives of 5 professions, including emergency dispatchers and groups responsible for organising vaccination process, the chief of PM's office Michał Dworczyk said on Monday.

Prime minister's top aide Michał Dworczyk announced at a conference on Monday that some 1,800 people representing 5 professions would be vaccinated with priority.

The said 5 groups are: emergency dispatchers, employees of the strategic reserves agency, health ministry staff responsible for IT, vaccination scheduling and vaccine ordering, National Cloud employees responsible for vaccination registration and calendar, as well as staff from institutions responsible for supplying hospitals with oxygen.

"In total, it will be approximately 1,800 persons. Employees of this institutions will get vaccinated in the coming days, in order to ensure the smooth functioning of Poland's vaccination programme" - Dworczyk explained.

He also said that over 70 percent of people aged 70+ have been either vaccinated or registered, compared to over 51 percent of those aged 60-69.

Furthermore, Dworczyk informed that a total of 7,7 million doses of vaccine have been administered so far. "Good news is that last week we did over a million vaccinations in 7 days, despite the Easter holiday" - he added.

According to the government plan, 20 million vaccinations are to be carried out by the end of June.

Earlier that day, Deputy PM Jarosław Gowin said vaccination in workplaces would commence in mid-May. Asked about his words, Michał Dworczyk said that precise rules for workplace vaccinations would be established by the end of April. He added that all would depend on the sufficient number of delivered doses.

Michał Dworczyk also reminded that the first delivery of Johnson & Johnson vaccine would arrive in Poland on Wednesday, April 14. Nearly 120,000 doses are expected to be delivered in the first batch.

Finally, he confirmed that the first drive-thru vaccination point in Poland would be opened on April 15.


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