Attorney Roman Giertych detained by anti-corruption bureau

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Five people detained in Get Back affairtvn24
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tvn24Five people detained in Get Back affair

A Warsaw attorney Roman Giertych has been detained by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) - his wife Barbara said on Thursday. She told TVN24 she only had "a brief contact" with her husband. "He doesn't know what it is about, he has no idea about any charges" - she said. "It's a bizarre situation" - she added.

Attorney's wife, Barbara, told TVN24 she had not idea why her husband had been detained. "I've no idea why (he's been detained), I've no idea how long it's going to take" - she said. After 2:30 p.m., she informed that her husband was present during when their house was being searched.

"We're dealing with a political police. They will look for anything they want, for whatever they're ordered to" - she said. Barbara Giertych, also an attorney, stressed she did not know the charges, and had to "look into the files and talk to the prosecutor". "I don't know what's going on. For the first time in my professional career have I seen such a situation, in which I don't know what case the arrest pertains to" - she said.

"I do hope the prosecutor has done his criminal procedure homework and will inform about further steps" - Barbara Giertych said. "Nowadays, however, with today's prosecutor's office, you never know when it comes to criminal procedure" - she added and said she could not tell how the situation would develop.

Shortly before 3 p.m., Roman Giertych wrote on Twitter that he has been "detained on charges of acting to the detriment of some firm, I was handcuffed on the eve of L. Czarnecki, whom I'm a sole attorney of". Don't let my detention cover up the epidemic disaster of the PiS government, because that's the reason behind it" - he added in his tweet.

Leszek Czarnecki, owner of the Idea Bank, is a suspect in the investigation into the so-called GetBack affair. The court is expected to decide on the prosecutor's request to arrest the businessman who is currently residing abroad.

Earlier on, attorney Giertych's daughter, Maria, informed about his detention. "Our house is being searched" - she wrote.

Furthermore, she passed her father's request to use his full name and surname in media reports.

CBA statement

The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau said in a statement that it detained "businessman Ryszard K. and former MP Roman G.". The bureau added that the arrests were connected to "an investigation into acting to the detriment of a company listed on the GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange)".

"The evidence collected by the CBA suggests the detained took part in an organised conduct based on siphoning off money, misappropriation of funds, and money laundering. The estimated losses have been estimated at 90 million zlotys" - the CBA informed and added the detained would soon hear charges, and that further arrests were imminent.


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