Two dogs run away, roam the city and "turn themselves in"

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The two dogs showed up in front of the police station
The two dogs showed up in front of the police stationTVN24
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TVN24The two dogs showed up in front of the police station

Two dogs ran away from a household in the outskirts of Kielce and roamed the streets of the city in the night, only to show up at 7:30 a.m. sharp at the door of a police station. "They must have been desperate to join the force" - police officers say.

The dogs showed up in front of the police station at Seminaryjna 12 street on Friday morning.

"It's hard to determine what made them choose this address, but we like to think they dreamt about joining the police force" - said Artur Majchrzak, spokesman for Kielce Police. He added that the dogs forced the fence at their owner's home and walked all night long only to end up at the station.

The shepherds came to the station after they were done with their adventureŚwiętokrzyskie Province Police

The shepherds had their names engraved on the tags attached to their collars, as well as their owner's phone number. In order to keep them safe, Luna and Cywil were taken inside the station, where they were soon after picked up by their owner.

"When their owner opened the car door, there was no doubt they were her dogs. She was also cautioned by the police, of course, to keep her dogs safely on her property. The crucial part of the story, however, is that Luna and Cywil have safely returned home" - Majchrzak added.

There are 33 police dogs on duty in the Świętokrzyskie province police garrison.


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