Health minister announces further easing of restrictions

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Minister Niedzielski announces further easing of restrictionsTVN24
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TVN24Minister Niedzielski announces further easing of restrictions

Poland will triple the number of guests allowed at large gatherings like weddings, the health minister said on Tuesday, as the country eases COVID-19 restrictions further due to a falling number of cases.

With restaurants open for business and children back in schools, Poland has already lifted many of the restrictions it put in place to contain the virus in spring, and with cases decreasing authorities say further easing can be put in place for the summer.

"We can see a further decrease in the daily number of infections and beds occupied, despite the increasing mobility of Poles," Adam Niedzielski told a news conference. "This is why we are proceeding with further easing of restrictions."

The number of guests allowed at large gatherings will rise to 150 from 50 as of June 6, Niedzielski said, adding that people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus will not be counted as part of this limit.

The number of people allowed at conferences and on public transport will also increase, Niedzielski said.

The minister also said that fairs, conferences and exhibitions would be allowed to take place with the same limitations as in other closed spaces - 1 person per 15 square metres.

Other changes include opening of playrooms for children with 1 person per 15m2, and allowing public transport users to fill up to 75 percent of vehicle capacity, with face masks still mandatory.

Minister Niedzielski also informed that over 400,000 people have received EU COVID-19 certificates.

The certificate shows, via a QR code, whether a person has received a vaccine, had a recent negative test or has immunity based on recovery from an infection.


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