Five Polish ministers have won seats in the European Parliament

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tvn24Five Polish ministers have won seats in the European Parliament

There will be changes in the Polish Sejm after the European election. The lower house will lose 16 MPs from Law and Justice and 3 from Civic Platform. Among those who will leave Warsaw for Brussels are: deputy PM Beata Szydło, interior minister Joachim Brudziński, PiS spokesperson Beata Mazurek, as well as former PM Ewa Kopacz and former health minister Bartosz Arłukowicz - both from Civic Platform.

In Poland, 115 MPs have run for seats in the European Parliament, of which 19 have won tickets. They will be replaced in the Sejm by candidates who scored the next best results in the 2015 parliamentary elections. The new MPs will take over until the next election that will took place in October 2019.

Furthermore, 9 senators were running for MEPs, but only one managed to win the seat - deputy speaker of the Senate Adam Bielan who ran from Law and Justice list. Bielan's post will remain vacant until the autumn's elections. According to official results of the election, Law and Justice secured 45,38 percent of votes, European Coalition - 38,47 percent, Wiosna - 6,06 percent, Confederation - 4,55 percent, Kukiz '15 - 3,69 percent, Left Together - 1,24 percent. This translates into 27 seats for Law and Justice, 22 for European Coalition and 3 for Wiosna.

The results also show that 19 MPs will leave for Brussels. The 20th MP will leave Poland only after Brexit - Dominik Tarczyński from Law and Justice. Piotr Słoka will most likely replace him in the Sejm.

Law and Justice had the most members of parliament who ran for seats in Brussels - 58 MPs and 8 senators. They constituted over a half of all candidates for MEPs from this party.

Out of the above group, 15 MPs and 1 senator managed to win seats. Deputy PM Beata Szydło will take one the seats in Brussels, after winning 525,000 votes - the best overall result. Most likely, she will be replace in the Sejm by Krzysztof Kozik.

The interior minister Joachim Brudziński's place in the parliament is likely to be taken by Halina Szymańska, who currently is the head of president Duda's chancellery. Next on the list is Rafał Mucha. Another cabinet member who will spend next five years in Brussels is education minister Anna Zalewska. Maciej Badora is her most likely replacement.

Law and Justice spokesperson and deputy speaker of the Sejm, Beata Mazurek will be replaced by Tomasz Zieliński.

Minister from the PM's chancellery, Beata Kempa will pass her ticket to Zdzisław Brezdeń.

Other who have won seats in the European Parliament: deputy justice minister Partyk Jaki (to be replaced Katarzyna Czochara), former foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski (Paweł Rychlik), Elżbieta Kruk (Sławomir Skwarek), Bogdan Rzońca (Adam Śnieżek), Izabela Kloc (Katarzyna Dutkiewicz), as well as deputy minister of energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski (Maria Nowak).

Also leaving for Brussels is labour and social affairs minister Elżbieta Rafalska, who will be replaced by Marek Surmacz. Joanna Kopcińska, the spokesperson for PiS government will be replaced by Alicja Kaczorowska, former agriculture minister Krzysztof Jurgiel by Henryk Wnorowski. The deputy minister of investments and development Andżelika Możdzanowska will free her seat in the Polish Sejm for Piotr Walkowski.

There were 30 MPs on the list of the European Coalition: 24 from from Civic Platform - Civic Coalition, 3 from Modern Party, 2 from Polish People's Party and 1 unaffiliated MP. There was also 1 Civic Platform senator who ran for MEP - Jarosław Duda.

Three MPs from the European Coalition will leave Warsaw for Brussels. One of them is former PM Ewa Kopacz who will be replaced in the Polish parliament by one of her running mates from Warsaw, Michał Mazowiecki. Former health minister Bartosz Arłukowicz will be replaced in the Sejm by Zofia Ławrynowicz from Szczecin. Also MP Andrzej Halicki will spend the next five years in Brussels and he'll be replaced by Jacek Kozłowski.

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