Tatras: tourists stuck in the middle of a storm saved by rescuers


The looks can be deceiving. The beauty of Tatra Mountains attracts tourists all year long but many of them underestimate the dangers awaiting them (video from March 19)TVN24 News in English
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During a heavy storm on Wednesday, two tourists got stuck in the Kulczyńskiego Couloir in the Tatra Mountains. The Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue (TOPR) set out to help them - TOPR duty officer Krzysztof Długopolski said on Wednesday.

WATCH THE FULL EDITION OF TVN24'S NEWS IN ENGLISH AT TVN24 GO Tourist were caught in the couloir by a storm and torrential rain which made further trip impossible. They called the TOPR who set off to the rescue in a helicopter shortly before 5 pm.

"Due to severe weather conditions, the helicopter was forced to return to base after the rescuers had left the machine," the duty officer said.

A very difficult touristic trail fitted with special safety chains leads through Żleb Kulczyńskiego (Kulczyński Couloir). The couloir extends into the trail considered the most difficult in Poland - Orla Perć (Eagle's Path).

Being in the peak parts of mountains during a storm can be very dangerous. Very often, lightnings strike into metal safety elements such as chains, buckles or the cross at the summit of Giewont. It's also dangerous to remain in the vicinity of watercourses during electrical storms.

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