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European Coalition leaders have signed programme declaration before EU elections

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Poland's opposition European Coalition set EU election campaign slogan
TVN24 News in English"Poland's Puture. Big Decision" - European Coalition has presented its campaign slogan before May's European elections

On Thursday, the leaders of five parties that form the European Coalition, Grzegorz Schetyna (Civic Platform), Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz (Polish People's Party), Włodzimierz Czarzasty (Democratic Left Alliance), Katarzyna Lubnauer (Modern Party) and Marek Kossakowski (Greens) signed the programme declaration before May's elections to the European Parliament.

"Poland's Future. Big Decision" - the European Coalition will run in the European elections under such slogan. On Thursday, the leaders of five parties signed their programme declaration. "The goal of the European Coalition is to bring to Poland the standards of law, freedom, quality of living, development opportunities and security, that by far were a privilege of the Western Europeans," as it was stated in the declaration.

The ten main programme points are as follows:

- Poland among the EU leaders

- EU funds for citizens and local governments

- EU of quality food and equal opportunities in agriculture

- EU of healthier and longer life

- EU for equal living standards of Europeans

- EU of values and principles

- EU for the youth

- EU of common security

- EU of clean air and affordable energy

- EU of integrated transport and communication

The leaders of five parties signed the European Coalition's programme declaration tvn24

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