Nearly 21,000 infection cases and 461 deaths on Tuesday

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The Ministry of Health informed on Tuesday about 20,870 new coronavirus infections and the death of 461 COVID patients. A week ago on Tuesday 16,741 cases were reported. So far, Poland has had 2,288,826 infections and 52,392 fatalities.

Tuesday's infection total of 20,870 is 25 percent (4,129 cases) higher than on the previous Tuesday, March 23, when 16,741 cases were reported.

The average number of infections for the last 7 days is as high as 28,302 - the highest weekly average since the start of the pandemic. This means that the third wave surpasses the second ever stronger. In its peak, on November 11, 2020, the second wave had a weekly average at 25,615 infections.

Tuesday's rate is higher than the second wave peak by nearly 2700 cases. This, in turn, means the third wave is already higher than the second by over 10 percent.

Health Ministry also informed about the death of 461 COVID patients, of which 361 had suffered from co-occurring medical conditions.

Since the start of the pandemic in Poland (March 4, 2020), the country has reported 2,288,826 cases and 52,392 deaths.

The ministry also said more than 80,000 tests were performed within the last 24 hours, including 27,399 antigen tests.


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