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Health ministry: 791 coronavirus cases, 9 deaths on Friday

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The Ministry of Health informed on Friday about 791 newly confirmed coronavirus infection cases, and the death of 9 infected people. In total, Poland has reported 65,480 cases and 2,018 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Poland will also ban inbound flights from 46 countries and shorten quarantine period for suspect cases down to 10 days.

In its Friday report, the health ministry informed about 791 new coronavirus infection cases in Poland. The highest number was reported in Lesser Poland province in the south of the country.

The ministry also informed about the death of 9 infected patients, aged between 45 and 86, most of whom had suffered from co-occurring medical conditions.

Poland has reported 65,480 coronavirus infection cases and 2,018 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

The number on Friday was lower than on Thursday when 887 cases were reported. The highest daily infections spike of 903 cases was recorded on Friday, August 21. The day after the second-highest number of 900 cases followed.

Within a week - between Saturday (August 22) and Friday (August 28), the health ministry informed about a total of 5199 infection cases:

- Friday (August 28) - 791,

- Thursday (August 27) - 887,

- Wednesday (August 26) - 729,

- Tuesday (August 25) - 763,

- Monday (August 24) - 548,

- Sunday (August 23)- 581,

- Saturday (August 22) - 900.

Inbound flights ban

Poland will ban flights from 46 countries, including France and Spain, as of September 2, according to a draft regulation published on Thursday, as the country grapples with a spike in coronavirus infections.

The move follows targeted measures to reintroduce restrictions on public life in the worst affected parts of the country, as the government tries to tackle the spread of the virus without resorting to a complete lockdown.

"Due to the threat of spreading SARS CoV-2 virus infections, it is necessary to exercise the right to introduce air traffic bans... in order to minimize the threat to public health," the regulation said.

Poland closed its borders and suspended flights in March to stop the spread of the coronavirus. However, it progressively loosened restrictions on public life, with shopping centres, hotels and restaurants all reopening in May.

Polish national airline PLL LOT resumed international flights on July 1 almost four months after suspending them.

Other countries affected by the ban are popular tourist destinations Montenegro and Croatia, as well as Romania, the United States, Israel, Mexico and Brazil.

Shorter quarantine

Poland will shorten its quarantine period for those suspected of being infected with coronavirus to 10 days from 14 days, the health minister said on Thursday, amid a spike in new daily cases.

"We will change the rules for quarantine and isolation... We would like to propose the shortening of quarantine to 10 days," health minister Adam Niedzielski told a press conference.


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