Health ministry reports 13,926 infections and 740 deaths on Wednesday

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TVN24Drive-thru vaccination point in Wałbrzych in southwest Poland

Health Ministry informed on Wednesday about 13,926 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and deaths of 740 COVID patients. Since the start of the pandemic Poland has reported 2,718,943 infections and 63,473 deaths.

The highest number out of the 13,926 cases were reported in the southern province of Silesia - 2,573.

The number of newly confirmed infections was lower than on the previous Wednesday (April 14) by 7,357, when the number had been at 21,283. This was a nearly 35-percent drop.

The ministry also informed about 740 COVID-related deaths. This was the 5th-highest number since the start of the pandemic. The daily average mortality rate, however, slightly dropped (from 515 yesterday to 506 today), as in the previous week it stood at 803.

According to official data, a total of 9,210,419 doses of various COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Poland so far. In total, 2,341,716 people have been fully inoculated either with single shots of J&J vaccine or two shots of AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer products. The number of people who received first of two shots stood at 6,868,703. The ministry also informed that 195,202 vaccinations were performed daily.

Since the start of the pandemic on March 4, 2020, Poland has reported a total of 2,718,943 coronavirus infections and 63,473 deaths.


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