Police officers went into courtroom in Poznań and asked judge for ID

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Two young police officers from Poznań have entered a courtroom to check the ID of the judge. The officers were called by a man who earlier on had heard a verdict regarding the alimony he will have to pay, the amount of which he found unsatisfying - tvn24.pl portal has found out. "We will apologise to the judge. Such situation should have never happened," said the spokesman for Greater Poland Police, Deputy Inspector Andrzej Borowiak.


"Gazeta Wyborcza" was the first to inform about the incident.

An unusual police intervention took place on Tuesday, October 22, at the Civic Appeals Department of the District Court in Poznań. A man heard a verdict setting the amount of alimony he will have to pay - he found it unsatisfying and decided to call the police.

"He called a nearby police station and said that there was an argument and he was disrespected in the courtroom by the judge. The duty officer sent a patrol to the court," a police officer from Greater Poland told tvn24.pl.

According to our information, the duty officer has dispatched a patrol of two young officers having around 3 years of experience.

"The two officers have entered the courtroom, when another session was underway. After it ended, the officers wanted to check the ID of the judge, who refused to be subjected to this procedure. The president of the court has decided to launch a formal inquiry to explain the incident, we will also be expecting explanation from the Greater Poland Police authorities," judge Aleksander Brzozowski told tvn24.pl.

Judges protected by immunity

According to the law, the court is not "exterritorial". Police officers have the right to intervene at its premises. However, judges are protected by immunity.

"Inside the courts, a special court police is on duty. Even the oldest judges do not remember a situation in which the police would barge into the courtroom. It looks very bad," said an experienced judge.

The spokesman for Greater Poland Police, Deputy Inspector Andrzej Borowiak declared that the Voivodeship Commander had already decided to launch an inquiry to explain the incident. The reaction of the duty officer who took the call will be inspected, as well as that of the two officers who went into the court.

"Most certainly we will apologise to the president of the court, as well to all judges in Poznań. Police officers should not be entering courtrooms and ID-check judges," Borowiak said.

According to other police officers from Poznań Police, in this case it was all caused by the lack of experience and knowledge of the two young officers.

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