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Health ministry: 337 new coronavirus cases, 5 deaths

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The Ministry of Health informed on Monday about 337 newly confirmed coronavirus infections and the death of 5 people. Since the start of the pandemic, Poland has reported 43,402 infections, of which 1676 infected people have died so far.

Health ministry informed on Monday about 337 new coronavirus infections in Poland. It was less than on Sunday when 443 infections were reported. On Saturday, however, 584 cases were reported, which was the second-highest daily number since the start of the pandemic.

Also on Monday, the ministry informed about the death of 5 infected people aged from 57 to 90. All five had co-occurring conditions.

In total, since the start of the pandemic, Poland has confirmed 43,402 coronavirus cases, of which 1676 turned out to be fatal.

Before publishing Monday's infection and death toll, the ministry released the latest data in its daily "coronavirus report", according to which:

- 1,625 "COVID-19 beds" were being used

- 69 ventilators were being used

- 92,803 people have been placed in quarantine

- 7,394 persons have been placed under epidemiological supervision

- 32,856 persons have recovered.

Last week, from Monday until Sunday, the ministry informed about 2,961 infection cases. On Monday, 279 infections were confirmed, 399 on Tuesday, 380 on Wednesday, 418 on Thursday, 458 on Friday, 584 on Saturday, and 443 on Sunday.

On Saturday (July 25), the second-highest daily number of infections since the start of the pandemic was recorded. It was also the highest daily number since June 8.


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