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Huge hole appears as ground collapses at allotment gardens

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W Trzebini zapadła się ziemia
W Trzebini zapadła się ziemiaKontakt 24 / Michał
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Kontakt 24 / MichałGround collapsed in Trzebinia, no one was hurt

Ground has collapsed at the allotment gardens in the town of Trzebinia (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). A huge hole was created as a result, but luckily no one got hurt. Fire service secured the area.

Fire service received a call regarding the ground collapse on Tuesday. The incident took place at allotment gardens at Jana Pawła II Street in Trzebinia. We received photos showing a huge hole that was created as a result. They were sent to us at Kontakt24 platform.

"One unit was sent to the scene. In such cases, our actions are limited to securing such pits with a tape. None of the allotments were damaged," said Piotr Pawelczyk from Chrzanów Fire Service.

The press officer added that such things happen often as it was once a mining area.

The land is owned by Mining Restructuring Company (Spółka Restrukturyzacji Kopalń). Despite our efforts, we weren't able to contact the company.


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