Protest in Konin after shooting of 21-year-old. Łódź prosecutor takes over the case

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Residents of Konin lit candles at the place where the 21-year-old had been shot by the policeTVN24 News in English
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The Regional Prosecutor's Office in Łódź will take over the case of a 21-year-old shot dead on Thursday by a police officer in Konin. The inquiry was initially launched by the prosecutor's office in Konin. The tragic incident has sparked violent protests in Konin. Seven people were arrested and three officers got injured.


On Thursday (November 14), at one of the residential neighbourhoods in Konin, during an ID check of the 21-year-old and two 15-year-olds, carried out by two police officers, the oldest of the three started to run away. According to the police, the man wasn't reacting to calls to stop. The officer who went after him fired a shot which proved fatal. The police claims that the officer wqas forced to use firearm.

"In order to maintain objectivity in the ongoing inquiry, the case of the firearm used by an officer on duty in Konin has been handed over to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Łódź," prosecutor Ewa Bialik said.

The District Prosecutor's Office in Konin informed on Friday that an inquiry has been launched into involuntary overstepping of authority by a public officer and involuntary manslaughter.

"The psychiatric observation of the officer who shot the 21-year-old in Konin might take up to a month," attorney for he policeman said on Monday. Due to his condition, the officer has not yet been questioned by the prosecutor.

Violent protests

Several dozen people took part in a protest nearby the City Police Station in Konin on Sunday, regarding the fatal shooting of the 21-year-old man. Vulgar slogans were cast at the police, followed by bottles and rocks.

Press officer for the Konin police, Deputy Commissioner Marcin Jankowski, informed that due to rocks and other dangerous objects being thrown at the police, the officers were forced to intervene. The police used tear gas and fired rubber bullets.

Violent protests in Konin after police officer gunned down a 21-year-old mantvn24

Seven people were detained, including four minors. City mayor Piotr Korytkowski appealed for calm and announced a crisis group meeting would meet on Monday.

"Three officers got injured, one of which was hit with brass knuckles, Jankowski said. He also added that the injuries sustained by the officers were not posing threat to their lives.

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