"We expect over 18,000 daily coronavirus cases next week"

TVN24 News in English, PAP

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski cautioned at a press conference on Friday that the expected number of daily coronavirus infections could surpass 18,000. He added that a lot depends on adhering to sanitary restrictions. He also specified conditions for the binding limitations to be eased.

"We can all see the third wave (of the pandemic) is gaining momentum. We're surpassing 15,000 cases daily. Given the dynamic of the pandemic, next week we may see 18,000 daily infections or more" - Mr Niedzielski said on Friday.

The minister called upon the citizens to act responsibly, especially during the weekend. "This is our chance to avoid the worst-case scenario".

"Those numbers are overwhelming. Here I mean the spike in infections, as it is a continuation of a steady trend in daily infections" - said the minister.

He pointed out that the number of daily infections has been going up by over 30 percent each week.

Minister Niedzielski declared that the government's attitude towards potential loosening of restrictions was changing and that future decisions in that regard would be "certainly more bold", because part of the society has already been vaccinated. Furthermore, serological tests have shown that 20-25 percent of people have developed antibodies.

He also said that the third wave of the pandemic in Poland was on the rise and it should reach its peak between late March and early April. "Later on the pandemic should be on the decline".

"We've been analysing a scenario in which, after Easter, once the peak has been reached, we would proceed to open up all industries affected by restrictions. By taking a step-by-step approach, that is" - Niedzielski said.


Źródło: TVN24 News in English, PAP

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