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Van driver ran over a dog and recorded it on his phone

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Van driver deliberately ran over the dog a number of times. He was detained and chargedGoogle Earth
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A shocking video has been posted in the internet, showing a van driver deliberately running over a living dog which was laying on the road. The perpetrator has been already detained by the police. The young man was charged with killing a dog with extreme cruelty.

The video shot from inside the van and posted online shows a dog laying on a road near Syców, Lower Silesian voivodeship. The animal must have been injured as it couldn't move.

In the video, the driver shouts at the dog: "Boy, get the f*** up!" and runs over the animal's abdomen and hind legs. The dog howled terribly. The man didn't stop there, reversed and ran over the dog a number of times. "What a f***'s wrong with you? Get up," the man said. "A bit sh****. Well f*** it, you can't even walk, take one on the head now," said the driver and ran over the dog's head.

The video is extremely drastic and brutal and therefore we've decided not to publish it on our website.

Charges for the dog's tormentor

The video has quickly gone viral. Some viewers notified the police. "After being notified, the police officers bagan determining the circumstances surrounding this incident. In the meantime, more people were calling in. The driver was apprehended in his home on Sunday," said Aleksandra Pieprzycka, the spokesperson for Oleśnica police.

That was made possible, among others, thanks to Pogotowie dla Zwierząt (Animal Emergency) association. Members of this organisation managed to locate the perpetrator.

Rafał B. was charged with killing a dog with extreme cruelty. He admitted his guilt and will face up to five years in prison. The prosecutor will decide over possible preventive measures.

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