Man accused of killing a 10-year-old girl admitted his guilt

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The police detained the man suspected of murdering 10-year-old KristinaLower Silesian Police
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The 22-year-old suspected of murdering a 10-year-old from Mrowiny has admitted his guilt - the spokesman of the Police Main Headquarters (KGP), Inspector Mariusz Ciarka told TVN24. Referring to the crime itself, he said that it was orchestrated in order to mislead the investigators.


The Prosecutor's Office in Świdnica has charged the 22-year-old man who was detained on Sunday (16 June) with murder with extreme cruelty. He was arrested in connection with the murder of a 10-year-girl in the village of Mrowiny in Lower Silesia.

Sexual motive scheme

Asked in TVN24 if there was a sexual motive behind the murder, Inspector Ciarka underscored that "the place where the body was found, the way it was situated, led us to think that there may have been a sexual motive involved, that maybe we were dealing with with a person suspected of paedophilia". He added, however, that many hypotheses were being considered.

"I can only say this: it was a very difficult inquiry from the start. Everything was planned and prepared in order to mislead the prosecutors and the police, to tie them in knots," he said.

He cracked

The KGP spokesman said that the detained initially denied being guilty. "Thanks to the very skillful work by the police officers who questioned the suspect, due to the way they presented the gathered evidence, we can say the man cracked," said Ciarka, adding that the 22-year-old admitted to the murder.

Ciarka also said that the girl had known the the 22-year-old. "It's possible that this was the reason the girl had decided to speak to him. The man had known her family," said KGP spokesman.

He also informed that more information would be revealed after all proceeding have been finished, that is when the prosecutor collects all necessary details. However, at that point, the police refused to provide more details for the sake of the investigation. "Many traces have been secured at the murder scene," Ciarka said in TVN24.

"He was hiding something"

Asked if the 22-year-old acted alone, the prosecutor said it was too early for a definitive answer, but everything seemed to point to that.

He also added that the 22-year-old tried to provide an alibi for himself to which he referred to as "cast-iron". "We knew from the start, however, that we were dealing with a person whon was hiding something," said Ciarka.

Asked about the search for the suspect, Ciarka said that the police had verified all received information. "On behalf of the police, I would like to thank for such a big response," the KGP spokesman said.

Life in prison

Mariusz Pindera from the Prosecutor's Office in Świdnica told Polish Press Agency that proceedings will be carried out on Monday. "The prosecutor will decide about the arrest today," he said. The suspect is facing life in prison.

The 22-year-old suspected of murdering the 10-year-old girl was detained on Sunday afternoon. In the evening, he was taken to the Prosecutor's Office in Świdnica for questioning. A crowd gathered in front of the building. Some of the people shouted threats at the suspect.

The body of the girl was found on Thursday (13 June), about 5 pm, some 6 kilometres from the village of Mrowiny, where she had lived. The body was found by a woman who was taking a walk in the forest. The girl left the school in Mrowiny about 1 pm. She was last seen some 200 metres from home.

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