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"He's resting after a wild journey". Runaway cat found 300 kilometres from home

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The cat was found in the Animal Shelter in the city of Poznań
The cat was found in the Animal Shelter in the city of PoznańGoogle Earth
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Google EarthThe cat was found in the Animal Shelter in the city of Poznań

Now, he is resting after a wild journey, but only a few days ago, he lived in a shelter. Lovely white cat from the photo had left his home and ended up 300 kilometres away in the city of Poznań. It remains a mystery how he had managed to travel that far. His desperate owners were on the brink of losing hope they would ever see their pet again. They were lucky as the cat was only moments from being adopted.

"This story is an excellent proof that you should never quit looking for missing pets" - say employees of the Animal Shelter in Poznań. The white cat was placed there in late February. "City guards brought him in. They found him in a parking lot in Poznań. He was in good condition and healthy" - the head of the shelter Małgorzata Baum said.

Unfortunately, the cat did not have a microchip implanted under his skin, so it there was no way to identify his owners. His photo was published in social media, but no one would respond.

Meanwhile, 300 kilometres away, the cat's desperate owners were trying to find him. They hanged missing pet poster around the area, but no one would provide any information. A few weeks later it turned out why. "We lost hope anyone would call, so we followed procedure and launched the adoption process. And then, an internet user, who had seen the missing ads, as well as the photo of the cat posted by the shelter, connected the dots" - Baum said.

The animal safely returned to its owners and, as the shelter put it, "is resting after a wild journey". It's a mystery how the cat made it to Poznań. It's possible he travelled in some vehicle as a stowaway.

"Obviously, no one assumes that their animal could have made such a long journey and find itself hundreds of miles away, but it's always worth checking all possibilities. Our shelter always publishes photos of found animals, other organisations as well" - Małgorzata Baum stressed.

The director of the shelter also reminds that it's wise to microchip your cats or dogs and to register the chip. Some vets in Poznań will do with no charge. "Thanks to this, the owner's address and phone number will be in the system. It's also good to update your information."

It remains a mystery how the white cat travelled to PoznańAnimal Shelter in Poznań


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