Yellow card shown just for setting foot on the pitch

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Parachutist interrupts Polish soccer match by landing on the pitchOlimpia Elbląg Football Club
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Olimpia Elbląg Football ClubParachutist interrupts Polish soccer match by landing on the pitch

Yellow card for blatant disregard of fundamental rules of football and sportsmanship was brandished during a third-tier league match in Poland's city of Elbląg. What's more interesting, a single yellow card was enough to send "the 12th player" off the pitch.

A polish soccer match had an unexpected pitch invasion after a parachutist dropped out of the sky into the middle of the pitch on Sunday (June 6).

The match between Olimpia Elbląg and PISA Primavera Barczewo in the Polish third division had to be briefly halted while the man gathered up his parachute and left the pitch.

The referee, seeing the funny side of the delay, brandished the intruder with a yellow card.


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