The verdict in the case of Ewa Tylman's death on the 17th of April


According to the prosecution, Adam Z. is responsible for the death of Ewa TylmanTVN 24
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The Poznań District Court has ended the trial of Adam Z. who is accused of murdering Ewa Tylman. Defence filed for a full pardon. Prosecution wants 15 years in prison for the accused, whereas the family demands a life sentence. The court will pass the verdict on the 17th of April.

According to the prosecution, on the 23rd of November 2015, the accused pushed Ewa Tylman off the slope at the Warta embankment and then chucked the unconscious girl into the river. For the murder with conditional intent, he is facing up to 25 years or life sentence.

During court session in February 2017, the court notified parties about the possiblity of changing the qualification of the crime to failure to provide aid, for which the accused may face 3 years in prison. Since that session the accused remains out of custody.

The defendant pleaded not guilty. He refused to give any explanation to the court and aswered only to the questions of defence. Along the course of the trial, Adam Z. did not stick to the testimony he had given earlier regarding the events that occured after he and Ewa Tylman left the club in the centre of Poznań.

He claims that he does not remember the circumstances of Tylman's death and that he was forced to self-incriminating testimony by the police. The investigation carried out by the prosecutor's office in Zielona Góra was discontinued twice.

The prosecution claims that, given the post-mortem results and opinions of experts, it's safe to assume that basic life functions of Ewa Tylman were intact at the moment of getting in the water. Furthermore, the prosecution stated that the defendant's lack of recollection is solely a line of defence that he has taken.

Prosecution filed for finding the accused guilty of murder with conditional intent, sending him for 15 years in prison and paying 100,000 zlotys to the family of the victim.

Tylman family's lawyers said in court that regardless of which qualification the court chooses "no verdict will ever ease the pain or bring satisfaction to Ewa Tylman's relatives". The family demands life sentence for Adam Z.

The defendant's lawyer emphasised that neither there's any evidence to find the accused guilty of murder with conditional intent, nor to find him guilty of failing to provide aid.

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