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Willson proudly moves into a new and greener enclosure

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Urson Willson na nowym wybiegu

Warsaw Zoo has completed moving one its pupils to a new home. North American porcupine Willson now lives in a more spacious and much greener enclosure.

"Big relocation of porcupine Willson! Starting this week you can admire our porcupine in its new home. You can find it between the zebra and camel ensclosures" - Warsaw Zoo informed on social media.

Willson enjoyed welcome snack

Willson used to live together with a friend named Marit, but the female passed away two years ago. The lonely rodent now has a new luxury enclosure. The zoo said that after the relocation Willson had immediately rushed to explore the new estate, checking every nook and cranny. "In some places he would find willow branches left there by the keepers and gladly enjoyed the welcome snack. He also discovered some naturally growing trees full of tasty leaves," the zoo added.

After the preliminary inspection, Willson went to its hut to get some rest after the exciting day. "Let's hope he likes the new dwelling and feels comfortable there," Warsaw Zoo said Facebook.

Quill-covered rodent that climbs and swims

North American porcupine is a large rodent whose body length can exceed 1 metre. Its body is covered with quills, of which a mature individual can have as many as 30,000. The quills serve the rodent as a weapon against predators. Porcupines do not hibernate in winter, and the quills also help them to stay warm. The animal has an excellent ability to adapt to new environments. It is also an excellent climber and swimmer.

Porcupines prefer solitary lifestyle, but sometimes a number of individuals may dwell in one den. They form couples only during the breeding season. Their life expectancy in nature is approximately 10 years, but they can live much longer in zoos.


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