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Stoltenberg calls Lukashenko's regime actions "inhumane and cynical"

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Stoltenberg: sojusznicy NATO potępiają to, że reżim eksportuje niewinnych ludzi na granicę
Stoltenberg: sojusznicy NATO potępiają to, że reżim eksportuje niewinnych ludzi na granicę NATO
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NATOStoltenberg: all NATO allies strongly condemn the Lukashenko regime

Lukashenko regime's exploitation of vulnerable people to pressure neighbouring countries is inhume and cynical, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after meeting with Poland's President Andrzej Duda on Thursday in Brussels. The president informed that he has proposed incresing NATO's readiness at the eastern flank.

"Poland is a committed NATO ally contributing to out shared security in many different ways," Stoltenberg said. He also stressed that Poland is a leading example when comes to defence spending. He added that he and president Duda had "a very good discussion about current security challenges, "including Russia's continued military build-up near Ukraine, and the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania".

"All NATO allies have made it clear that they strongly condemn the Lukashenko regime's exploitation of vulnerable people to pressure neighbouring countries. This is inhume and cynical, and we stand in full solidarity with the allies affected," NATO chief said.

Stoltenberg said at a press briefing that he and president Duda also spoke about Russia's increasing military presence close to the border with Ukraine. "We see large and unusal concentration of forces, combined with aggressive rhetoric and disinformation from Moscow," he said.

"We call on Russia to be transparent, reduce tensions, and deescalate," Stoltenberg stressed.

"NATO remains vigilant and we continue to provide Ukraine with political and practical support. This is not a threat to Russia, and it helps Ukraine to defend itself from aggression," he added.

NATO Secretary General also announced that NATO foreign ministers would meet the following week in Riga to discuss security issues. They would also meet with Ukrainian and Georgian counterparts. "And these are strongs signs of our support," he added.


Duda proposes increasing NATO readiness

President Andrzej Duda said that he had outlined the security situation at the eastern flank, also in the context of information regarding safety of Ukraine. He also mentioned Russia's military build-up near Ukrainian border.

"I've assured Mr Secretary General that we treat what is happening there very seriously, and that we are receiving all the signals," he said.

Duda also said he had proposed Stoltenberg an idea to increase NATO forces' readiness in that part at the eastern flank, and to consider military increase in that part of Europe, as well as strenghtening all kinds of peacetime missions, such as the Air Policing. "(...) in order to show potential aggressors that the NATO is ready, that we are not only ready to protect NATO mamber states, but we are also interested in safety of our allies outside NATO, with whom we cooperate," he said.

The president explained that Ukraine is such an ally, and that the security of that country is in real danger.

Duda reassured that Poland is ready to hold all kinds of attacks, and it will keep on protecting the EU and NATO borders.



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