LOT Polish airlines' employees end strike, but not the dispute with board

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The strike in LOT Airlines is over. The company has vowed not to demand any financial compensation from the organisers and participants of the protestTVN24 International
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The end of the strike in LOT Polish Airlines; protesting union members have reached an agreement with the board, announced on Thursday the head of the Polish Development Fund Paweł Borys who has been invited to the negotiations as an observer by the LOT management.

The meeting of Mr Borys and the chairman of Polish Employers Andrzej Malinowski with the PLL LOT board members, as well as with the protesting employees ended around 2 a.m.

"The strike has been ended, but the collective dispute with the management is still on," Agnieszka Szelągowska from Cabin and Flight Personnel Trade Union said after the meeting.

The most important part of the agreement is that the strike is over, said the member of the LOT board Bartosz Piechota. Among the satisfied demands, the LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki mentioned bringing the chief of the Cabin and Flight Personnel Trade Union Monika Żelazik back to work, as well as all the other employees that had been fired as a result of the strike that was started on 18 October.

Another important demand that has been met is revoking the reproach given to the chief of Civilian Pilots Trade Union Adam Rzeszot.

"The management has vowed not to demand any financial compensation from the organisers and participants of the strike," LOT spokesman said.

He added that "the PLL LOT board committed itself to begin works on a new financial regulations starting from November 7".

Furthermore, both sides agreed to "keep the social peace for at least 24 months, as long as the law and the agreement provisions are both observed.

A joint declaration has also been signed in which both sides plegded to settle any future disputes amicably.

The strike began on 18th of October, the negotiations with th board started last Friday. The next day the strike was suspended until Monday. The suspension was being prolonged on each on of the following days.

At first the protesters demanded bringing trade union chief Monika Żelazik back to work, after she'd been dismissed on disciplinary grounds. Later the demand was extended by further 67 people that had been fired for participating in the strike. Additionally, the protesters wanted LOT chairman's dismissal. The board has agreed to bring back the all the fired back to work.

The strike participants also demanded return to the 2010 payroll, as well as guarantees that the LOT would not be seeking compensation from the organisers of the industrial action, for the losses sustained, should the court find the strike illegal. On 20 November, the District Court will look into the case to decide if the strike referendum carried out by the unions was legal. LOT have asked the court to do so.

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