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"He was interested in women". James Bond on a mission in Warsaw

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His name was Bond. James Albert Bond. He came to Warsaw on a secret mission. No, it's not a screenplay for the latest movie about agent 007. It's the latest discovery by Poland's Institute of National Remembrance (IPN).

The Institute of National Remembrance has informed about its discovery on Facebook. Documents confirm that a James Albert Bond arrived in Poland on the 18th of February, 1964. He was officially appointed as an archivist of the British Embassy's military attache.

The IPN also said: "arrival of such a famous agent didn't escape the attention of the Department II (counterintelligence) of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. He was place under strict surveillance and a special case file codename 'Samek' was created". According to the surveillance findings, Bond was talkative, yet very cautious, and "was interested in women". "No contacts with Polish citizens were recorded. In October and November 1964, he and two other employees of the attache's office set off to Białystok and Olsztyn provinces to 'penetrate military facilities'" - the IPN said.

Furthermore it was added that the diplomat had been aware of the surveillance, and most likely assumed he had no chance to gather any valuable intelligence. "That's why, on the 21st of January, James Bond left the territory of the PRL (Polish People's Republic)" - the IPN informed, adding that only some filing cards and documents are what's left after his visit to Poland.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Was James Albert Bond the James Bond? Apparently, such information wasn't included in the IPN archives, but the British Embassy commented on the institute's post by attaching a GIF showing Daniel Craig.

Craig is the latest Bond actor. The latest movie with him playing 007 - "No Time to Die" - is to enter cinemas in two months. In recent days a rumour has been spread as to who would replace Craig in the lead role. According to The Vulcan Reporter portal, Tom Hardy is to play James Bond in the next movie. The news went viral in social media, but hasn't been confirmed yet.

James Bond's visit to Warsaw isn't the only Polish trace in 007's biography. One his main foes, Ernst Blofeld, is said to have been born in Gdynia.


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