Morawiecki, Orban and Salvini seek new European right-wing core

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European Parliament debate regarding Poland's rule of lawTVN24 News in English
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TVN24 News in EnglishEuropean Parliament debate regarding Poland's rule of law

Hungarian right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Polish ally Mateusz Morawiecki met Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy's League party, on Thursday (April 1) in Hungary’s capital Budapest to try to lay the groundwork for a new European political grouping.

The Hungarian PM said millions of people are currently left without a representation and voice in European politics.

"As the - so far - strongest right-wing party, the European People’s Party, has visibly committed itself to a long-term co-operation with the European left, several millions of European citizens have now been left without a European representation. The Christian democrats in Europe today have no proper representation and we will be working so that these people have a voice, representation and weight in European politics" - Orban said.

"Today is the first stop on a long road. We have agreed on a few things. We have talked a lot about our common values. It is clear that apart from the Atlantic commitment (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization), we represent the values of liberty, dignity, Christianity, family, and national sovereignty" - he added.

Similarly, Salvini said they wanted to present themselves as an alternative to the left "that questions the roots of Europe" and that they didn’t impose any limits and boundaries.

"...that question founding values such as family, women, men, identity, culture, beauty, health [refers to opposing parties]. So we present ourselves as a historical and founding team, an alternative to the Left that questions the roots of Europe. And we don’t impose ourselves any limits, boundaries, ambitions that go far. We won’t settle to be fourth, third, second. Our objective is to be first in terms of representation."

Morawiecki said they wanted to promote solidarity in Europe without being dictated by stronger states.

"We want to promote solidarity but not at the expense of weaker (nations). Europe should not dictate the stronger ones, those who are bigger or stronger today. European solidarity should be based on common values" - said Poland's PM.

Orban is sensing political momentum after his Fidesz party quit the mainstream conservative European People's Party last month, aiming to be a catalyst of European nationalists, analysts say.

Currently, Morawiecki's PiS party is the main force of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), while Salvini's League is the strongest member of the Identity and Democracy (ID) group that also includes Marine LePen's National Rally from France.

Those parties together have 135 of the 705 European Parliament seats, with Fidesz adding another 12.

Nationalists have tried and failed to unify their forces for a long time in Europe, partly due to clashing national interests and partly over big differences in views on external relationships such as ties with Russia.


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