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Less visitors at Wolf's Lair due to the pandemic

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Former residence of Hitler, the Wolf's Lair in Gierłoża near Kętrzyn (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) has been already visited by 250,000 tourists this year. Compared to the pre-pandemic times, it approx. 70,000 visitors less - Chief of Srokowo Forestry, Zenon Piotrowicz, told Polish Press Agency.

Before the pandemic, the Wolf's Lair, being one of the key attractions of Warmia and Masuria, was visited by approx. 330,000 people each year. "Due to the pandemic we see approx. 20% visitors less. Same thing happened last year too," Srokowo Forestry Chief Zenon Piotrowicz told Polish Press Agency (PAP).

He added that the has been caused by lesser number of school trips. However, the number of individual tourists visiting Warmia and Masuria by cars is on the same level as before the pandemic.

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In May, there was less than 20,000 visitors who wanted to see Hitler's former residence, whereas before the pandemic it had been even up to 40,000.

The highest number of tourist came in August - more than 90,000. Many were drawn by an event called Operation Berlin 1945. It was a historical reenactment involving reenacting groups and military vehicles. Some 4,000 history buffs came to the Wolf's Lair that day. The place is often visited by schools, as there is free entry for children from Kętrzyn area.

Between 1941-1944, the Wolf's Lair was Hitler's main headquarters. Apart from Hitler, some 2,500 people lived in the forest town near Kętrzyn. According to historians, decisions which affected lives of millions were being made in that place.

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