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Three people injured in gas pipeline fire in Cesarka village

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TVN24 ŁódźThree people injured in gas pipeline fire

Three people have been injured in a fire caused by a leak in a gas pipeline in Cesarka, a village located in Łódź Voivodeship. "The gas caught fire and the flames were approx. 10 meters tall," said Jędrzej Pawlak from Voivodeship Fire Service Headquarters in Łódź.

The accident took place on Wednesday before noon. Junior Brigadier Jędrzej Pawlak told that there was a gas leak during earthworks in Cesarka village in central Poland.

"The gas caught fire. Three workers suffered burn injuries," the fireman said. Paramedics were called to the scene. The rescue operation was aided by Medical Air Rescue helicopter.

"The injured have burns on their faces and hands," Jędrzej Pawlak said.

Situation under control

At the leak point, the pillar of fire was 10 metres high. "The gas flow was switched off and soon after the gas burned off," Pawlak added.

Seven fire engines were working at the scene, while the eight was on its way. "Luckily, the situation is now under control," he said.


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