Climate protest in Warsaw. Police removes activists off busy downtown avenue

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Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.plProtesters on Świętokrzyska street

Extinction Rebellion movement activists blocked one of the key avenues in downtown Warsaw on Monday. The police removed them off the road, but the protest continued on the sidewalks. The activists say they want the government to announce climate alert in Poland.

The Extinction Rebellion activists have sat on the road at Świętokrzyska street. This way the organisation fights to force the government to announce climate alert in Poland.

Świętokrzyska street was blocked at the section between Marszałkowska and Emilii Plater streets, said reporter Artur Węgrzynowicz. "The activists are sitting on the road, singing songs and chanting: 'we're here for your children'. They are holding banner saying 'change the system, not the climate'" - Węgrzynowicz reported before 11 am. "There is plenty of police officers here, I've seen dozens of police vans," he added.

One of the protest organisers, Błażej Miernikiewicz, told TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Mielcarek the activist would manifest for as long as it takes. "We're protesting against inaction, lack of attention for the biggest threat to humanity, a threat that could lead to our extinction. We're here for your children, your grandchildren, for you" - he stressed. In his view, the government is well aware of the scale of the climate disaster.

"They know about it, but they say nothing and do nothing to prevent this disaster" - Miernikiewicz said and added that the activists have signed a petition addressed to Polish lawmakers. "Three people have responded, and there are 460 MPs. That's why we call today: wake up, stop hiding your heads in the sand! We've chosen you to safeguard our lives, and you're not doing it," said the activist.

Police removes activists

Artur Węgrzynowicz reported that over 100 activists gathered in Warsaw. "There's plenty of police officers here, I've seen dozens of police vans," he said. The officers were removing the protesters off the road.

The activists were first cordoned off by the police, then asked to disperse and follow police orders. Only then the police proceeded to remove the activists off the road. "Each protester is approached by a few police officers, who pick them up and move them to the sidewalk. All this is going on with no scuffles and no hostility" - reported said.

After the police cleared the road, the protest continued on sidewalks.

The road blockage brought the downtown traffic to a standstill.

Extinction Rebellion activists protest in WarsawTVN24

Protest announced

"On Monday, September 7, activists will manifest their outrage with political inaction with regard to the approaching climate disaster, and will block the streets of the capital" - Extinction Rebellion announced already last week.

"Politicians need to hear us. We are the voice of young people who are worried about their future, parents terrified of the kind of life that awaits their children, and grandparents worried about their grandchildren," Anita Sobiechowska of Extinction Rebellion said at Thursday's conference.

The activists said September would be marked by climate protests all over the world.


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