European Parliament: Debate on sexual education in Poland

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A debate on sexual education in Poland was organised in the European ParliamentTVN24 News in English
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A debate on sexual education in Poland was held in the European Parliament on Monday evening. Most of the discussion's participants were MEPs from Wiosna (Spring) party, Law and Justice and Civic Platform.


The debate was organised after a request by the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), which Wiosna party is a member of. Not many MEPs took part in the discussion, the hall was almost empty. Over 20 MEPs from various factions took the floor, mostly from Poland. Polish MEPs gave the most emotional speeches.

MEP Robert Biedroń (Wiosna) said that even though it's 2019, the discussion looked like "in the Middle Ages". "Last Wednesday, the PiS government presented a draft law penalising sexual education. One could get an impression that this project was dictated by pedophile lobby. It's actually creating hell for victims, and opens heavens for pedophiles," said Biedroń.

Former Polish minister of education Anna Zalewska from PiS said in her reply that she was sorry to listen to a debate "based on lies". "Mr Biedroń has simply lied to MEPs and to the Euroepan Commission. Polish government is absolutely not working, at any level, on any law that would ban sexual education," she said.

She added that the debate was organised despite sexual education being taken from under the jurisdiction of the European treaties. "Sexual education in Poland is in the law on education, on every level of education," Zalewska said.

Elżbieta Łukacijewska from Civic Platform expressed her amazement with a debate on sexual education in Poland is was held in the European Parliament. "Pope Francis said that sex is a gift of God. Sexual education must be present in schools. He said that in concern for the young generations," she said. Łukacijewska added that Polish authorities "are immune to any rational or scientific arguments".

"In Poland, more and more people suffer from veneral diseases, HIV prevention is lagging, there are more and more mothers under 15 years of age. Children give birth to children. More young people commit suicide due to the lack of understanding, intolerance and hate. Only in 2018, 13.500 children in Poland became victims of sexual abuse," Łukacijewska said.

Also other MEPs from Law and Justice and Civic Platform took part in the debate.

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