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Poll: European Coalition - 37,5 percent; Law and Justice - 36,3; Wiosna - 10,6

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Business news from Poland with Mateusz Walczak
TVN24 News in EnglishBusiness news from Poland with Mateusz Walczak

37,5 percent would vote for the European Coalition, 36,3 percent on Law and Justice (PiS) and 10,6 percent on Robert Biedroń’s Wiosna party, according to the latest political parties support poll published on Friday by the European Parliament ahead of May’s European elections.

The results of surveys carried out in EU member-states have been collected in the end of February.

The poll shows that Kukiz’15 movement would also pass the electoral threshold with 7,3 percent of votes. Janusz Korwin-Mikke’s Liberty Coalition would secure 5,1 percent of votes. The left-wing Razem party would get 1,6 percent of votes, whereas others - 1,7 percent.

Should the above-mentioned scenario happened to be true, the European Coalition would have the most MEPs in Brussels. Politicians from Civic Platform, Polish People’s Party, Modern Party, Democratic Left Alliance and the Greens would win 21 seats in the European Parliament.

The United Right coalition consisting of PiS (Law and Justice), United Poland and Alliance would take 20 seats. Politicians from all three parties are running on PiS list.

Robert Biedroń’s Wiosna party (Spring) would win 5 seats, Kukiz’15 movement would secure 4 seats and KORWiN coalition - 2.

According to Europarliament’s estimation, the European People’s Party - currently having the most seats in Brussels (Civic Platform and Polish People’s Party are its members) would take 181 after the vote in May, compared to 217 seats at the moment. According to the last week’s poll, the EPP would secure 183 seats.

The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, S&D would get the second result with 135 seats. Poland’s Democratic Left Alliance is a member of the group, which currently has 186 MEPs.

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), which may be joined by MEPs from Poland’s Modern Party, would come third. The group led by Guy Verhofstadt would secure 75 seats, according to the poll. Currently it has 68 MEPs.

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