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Euro 2020: Polish team likely to set up base at the seaside

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Getty ImagesEngland defeats Poland at Wembley in a World Cup qualifying game

Change in Euro 2020 venues has forced Polish national team to search for a new base for the tournament. Poland's Football Association (PZPN) Secretary General Maciej Sawicki has revealed that "it's 90 percent certain it will be Sopot".

Initially, Poland was supposed to play two games of Euro 2020 - against Slovakia and Sweden - in Dublin, and one against Spain in Bilbao. The two cities, however, could not guarantee the games would be played in front of at least some fans. This was also a condition imposed by UEFA.

Last Friday, UEFA decided that Poland would play two games in Saint Petersburg, and face Spain in Seville.

Paulo Sousa's team was already booked to have their base in Portmarnock near Dublin, but it had to cancelled due to the change of tournament venues.

Taking into account the large distance between the host cities, PZPN has been considering setting up base in Poland.

"It's 90 percent certain it will be Sopot" - Maciej Sawicki said on Thursday. The contract has not been signed yet.

PZPN board convened on Thursday but it was unlikely the final decision regarding EURO 2020 base would be made that day. However, it's likely to be decided in the coming days.

If Sopot is ultimately selected, the players will practice in the nearby Gdańsk, and from there the team will depart for Euro 2020 games.

One thing is already certain - the team will show up at their new base on June 9.


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