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EU parliament to prepare a report on media freedom - Polish MEP

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I will prepare a report for the European Parliament on how free media should look like and how to avoid hate speech in them - Civic Coalition MEP Magdalena Adamowicz announced on Monday.

The MEP was taking part in Monday's session of the Senate Culture and Media Committee devoted to the right to reliable information and public media.

At a conference before the session Ms Adamowicz announced she would prepare a report on free media for the European Parliament. "As a member of the LIBE Committee (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) in the European Parliament, which deals with the rule of law and safeguarding citizen rights, I've been chosen to prepare a report for the needs of the EU Parliament, aimed to set a road map to free media, and how to free media content from hate speech, without violating the freedom of speech" - Adamowicz said.

"This is a very difficult task, as there's a fine line between freedom of speech and hate speech" - she added.

The report, said the MEP, was to be ready in a few months.

Deputy Senate Speaker Bogdan Borusewicz (Civic Coalition) said at the same press conference that in Poland "the public media do not look like public media anymore and they participate in hate, especially the public TV".

"From the media we expect reliability, pluralism and objectivity" - said the head of the Senate culture committee Barbara Zdrojewska (Civic Coalition). She added that "the public TV does not meet the requirements to be called as such, it's a television of only one option".


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