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CJEU to hear parties in Poland's Disciplinary Chamber case on March 9

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EU top court rules Poland broke rule of law with judicial reforms
EU top court rules Poland broke rule of law with judicial reformsTVN24 News in English
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TVN24 News in EnglishEU top court rules Poland broke rule of law with judicial reforms

On the 9th of March the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union will hear the parties over the request for temporary suspension of Poland's Supreme Court Disciplinary Chamber, filed by the EU Commission - the CJEU informed on Friday.

During the hearing the parties will have the chance to present their arguments. Later on, the EU Court of Justice will schedule a date of verdict in this case.

Poland has sent the CJEU its explanation regarding EU Commission's request to impose interim measures on Polish Supreme Court's Disciplinary Chamber. A source in the EU has told Polish Press Agency (PAP) that Poland called on the EU court to deny the Commission's request.

The spokesman for the Polish government Piotr Müller commented on the issue on Thursday. "In a letter sent today to the CJEU, the government said the EU Commission's request for interim measures was unacceptable. The said measures would lead to suspending of one of Poland's constitutional bodies - the Supreme Court. They are also in blatant violation with the irremovability of judges principle" - Müller wrote on Twitter.

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The Court is required to sit in full court in exceptional cases provided for in the treaties. The court may also decide to sit in full, if the issues raised are considered to be of exceptional importance. Sitting as a Grand Chamber is more common and can happen when a Member State or a Union institution, that is a party to certain proceedings, so requests, or in particularly complex or important cases.

The European Union's executive on October 10 filed a case at the bloc's top court against Poland's ruling nationalists over new measures they have introduced for disciplining judges, which the EU says violates the principle of judicial independence.

The Commission said in a statement that it was acting "on the grounds that the new disciplinary regime undermines the judicial independence of Polish judges and does not ensure the necessary guarantees to protect judges from political control."

Furthermore, EU executive asked the CJEU to process the case under an expedited procedure, but no decision has been made in that regard as of yet.


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