Interwar Poland through the eyes of a cycling English journalist

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Poznań in 1934National Digital Archives, The National Film Archive’s Digital Repository
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National Digital Archives, The National Film Archive’s Digital RepositoryPoznań in 1934

He took his bike, boarded a ship to Gdańsk, and there he began his journey through Poland. Sometimes according to a plan, and other times at random. In his book "Pedalling Poland" from 1935, English journalist Bernard Newman pictures the country he thought would soon become a powerhouse.

"Pedalling Poland" has just recently been published in Poland under the title "Rowerem po II RP". Its author was a true jack-of-all-trades. "A journalist, writer, soldier, songwriter and composer of musicals, traveller, public officer, alleged spy, and passionate cyclist" - author of the book's Polish translation Ewa Kochanowska wrote about Newman.

In 1934, Bernard Newman set off on a journey through Poland. He travelled more than 3,000 kilometres on his bicycle he had named George. Along the way, he photographed and took notes on the country and its citizens, which he later transformed into a book.

The book is an insight into the unusual bicycle trip of the English gentlemen through a young, but very ambitious country. The enthusiastic traveller will find himself astonished and amazed along the way. His encounters will often make him laugh, and sometimes pity the people he meets. Although that Poland no longer exists, thanks to Newman we can see that country through his eyes.

In the course of the Englishman's journey, he visited the city of Poznań. What caught his eye in particular? Find out in the gallery below.

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