Civic Platform leader Grzegorz Schetyna met with Donald Tusk in Brussels

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Grzegorz Schetyna (right) met with Donald Tusk on Thursday in Brussels (video from October 16)TVN24 News in English
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There's no mutiny in Civic Platform, but rather a normal discussion. The question of presidential candidate remains open - the chairman of the Civic Platform party Grzegorz Schetyna said on Thursday in Brussels. Earlier that day, he met with former Polish prime minister Donald Tusk, with whom he agreed to hold futher talks.


Civic Platform leader went to Brussels to take part in the European People's Party leaders' meeting ahead of the EU summit. On the sidelines of this event, he spoke with the European Council President and former Polish PM Donald Tusk, for the first time since parliamentary elections.

"We've agreed next talks, meetings, we will see each other in November in Zagreb at EPP summit. All issues are open. First, we will establish how we want to arrive at this candidacy, and later we will discuss potential candidates, but only in this order," Schetyna told Polish journalists in Brussels.

He reminded that Tusk remains the European Council chief until December 1. He reasured that former PM's lack of concrete asnwer regarding his political future has nothing to do with Hamlet-like indecision.

Asked if there's a mutiny in the PO after parliamentary elections, Schetyna said: "no".

Referring to criticims he faced from his party members after the elections, Schetyna said: "such discussion is a normal thing in democratic parties, not only after parliamentary elections, but also ahead of internal vote". "I treat it as an open discussion," he added.

He admitted that the result could have been better, because the opposition failed to win majority in the Sejm, yet it won the Senate election. "That's in the nature of things, and the political, in-party debates. I'm not worried, quite the opposite," said the PO leader asked if was concerned with voices declaring no not supporting Schetyna in the party chief election.

According to Schetyna, the order of things that he had presented - first parliamentary club elections, then the Senate presidium appointment, followed by tapping presidential candidate, and finally choosing party chairman - are a bundle of milestones the PO party must reach.

"There will be discussion, open talks, but this what open in-party democracy and open debate are all about," he said.

Asked about space for the young, he replied that's what elections to variuos committees are for. He added, however, that there are various circles in Civic Coalition and "we all must fit in". "I do think that promoting more young people is necessary, because we're ahead of presidential vote and we need a new opening. It can only do us good," Schetyna said.

He added, however, that years ago, Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) had "too vehemently" opened to the young and it didn't end up very well for this party.

"We must do it in a very transparent manner. We musn't treat it as in-fighting, because today Civic Coalition carries a heavy burden of preparing the opposition for presidential election. We need to do it in an open, objective and partnership-based way," said the PO leader.

He stressed that the composition of the Senate presidium must be agreed by all partners, including Polish People's Party and the Left, so that all opposition parties are satisfied with the success in the election to this chamber.

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