Czech Republic asks EU court for daily fines worth 5 million euros

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The Czech Republic asked the European Union's top court to impose a fine of 5 million euros per day on Poland for not halting as ordered mining operations of the Turow lignite mine located on the border between the two countries.

"The Czech Republic asks the Court to impose a daily 5 million euro penalty on Poland for not having immediately ceased the lignite mining activities in the Turow coal mine located on the Czech border environment," the court said on Twitter.

The EU's top court ordered Poland to stop operations of the mine on May 21 as an intermediate measure before a full judgement on the case, brought forward by Prague saying that the mine pollutes environment across the border.

The Czech government has sent Warsaw a draft proposal on ending a dispute over an open-pit coal mine in Poland near the Czech border and plans to start negotiating on the matter this week, the Czech environment minister said on Monday.

Czechs living close to the Polish border and environmental groups say drinking water supplies have been affected by the Turów mine, operated by Poland's state-controlled PGE, and that they have suffered from noise and dust.

"We will start negotiations on Thursday and we are ready to negotiate in a tough way," Richard Brabec said on Twitter.

A spokesman for the Polish climate ministry confirmed it had received the proposal.

The Czech government wants Poland to commit to specific measures and to cover the costs of dealing with the negative impacts of the mine. It plans to seek 40 million to 50 million euros to replace water supply pipes in some districts.


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