Poland gets Colossal Fossil Award at U.N. climate talks

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The Climate Action Network (CAN), a worldwide network of over 1300 NGOs combating climate change, on Thursday voted to give COP24 host Poland the Colossal Fossil of the Year Award, which is given to the country deemed to have done its best to block progress in the negotiations or in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Poland generates most of its electricity from coal and before the talks started on December 2, the energy ministry announced it planned to build a new coal mine, partly in response to the rising coal imports and dwindling Polish output.

The Fossil of the Day awards were first presented at the climate talks in 1999 in Bonn, initiated by the German NGO Forum.

Countries at the talks are expected to come up with a rule book to implement the Paris agreement by Friday, but observers say it is likely the talks will be extended as negotiators try to break the deadlock.

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