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CJEU denies Poland's request to hear statements from Disciplinary Chamber judges

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EU Commission to ask ECJ for interim measures against Poland
EU Commission to ask ECJ for interim measures against PolandEBS
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EBSEU Commission to ask ECJ for interim measures against Poland

The Court of Justice of the European Union has rejected Polish government's request to hear witnesses' statements in the pending proceedings regarding EU Commission's motion to suspend the activity of Polish Supreme Court's Disciplinary Chamber.

The decision was announced on Tuesday by the CJEU press office. Polish authorities wanted two Disciplinary Chamber judges to give their statements regarding the case.

The CJEU said it had all information necessary to pass a ruling in the case files pertaining to the request to impose interim measures. Therefore, the EU court argued that witnesses' statement would seem useless in recognising the interim measures motion.

The hearing of parties in this case is to be held on Monday (March 9) before the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the EU. In mid-February, the Polish government asked the high court to dismiss the EU Commission's bid to impose interim measures on the Disciplinary Chamber.

Polish government said the Commission's motion was unacceptable as it would lead to suspending of one of the chambers of the constitutional body of the Republic of Poland - the Supreme Court - as well as to unacceptable interference in the internal structure of the Supreme Court.

The spokesman for the Law and Justice (PiS) government, Piotr Müller, said in February that "neither the EU itself, nor any of its bodies such as the CJEU, do not have any right to interfere with systemic issues of the member states, particular constitutional bodies of these states, as well as internal structure of these bodies".

Poland also argued the interim measures would violate the irremovability of judges rule and were not meant to ensure the execution of the future ruling.

The EU Commission filed the interim measures bid at the end of January. If the CJEU approves the request, the Disciplinary Chamber will have to suspend its operations under the EU law.


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