Warsaw bus falls off an overpass. One dead, many injured

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Tragic bus accident in central Warsaw kills one, injures 20TVN24
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TVN24Tragic bus accident in central Warsaw kills one, injures 20

A city bus crashed through railings at an overpass in central Warsaw and fell off the road. One person died, at least 20 suffered injuries in the accident that happened on Thursday, June 25.

A municipal bus in the Polish capital Warsaw plunged off a motorway bridge on Thursday (June 25), killing one person and injuring at least 20, authorities said.

Television footage showed half of the bus lying on a street below the bridge, while the rear half was still on the motorway at the beginning of a slip road.

Warsaw police spokesman Sylwester Marczak said one person was killed in the accident, which happened around midday, and that four of the injured were in serious condition.

"One person is dead, several have been taken to hospital, among them four people are in critical state. As soon as all injured are attended to, once all victims are taken to hospital we will focus on finding out the causes of the accident," Marczak said.

Police were looking into the cause of the accident.

Warsaw mayor and presidential candidate Rafał Trzaskowski visited the site of the crash. Speaking to media, Trzaskowski said he would visit the victims in hospital and thanked the emergency services personnel who had attended the scene.

"Immediately, after I got information about this accident we have put Warsaw hospitals on alert. Some of the victims are in the Bielany hospital, I will head there shortly. We are providing psychological help to all that will require support. All decisions were made immediately after I learnt what happened here, emergency staff were here straight away. I would like to thank all, first of all the fire brigades, ambulance staff, police for being here and dealing with this very difficult situation," Trzaskowski said.


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