Gdynia. City bus driver stopped a man drinking vodka behind the wheel


Bus driver blocked the car and the passengers went out and apprehended the drunk driverBus CCTV footage
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Bottle of vodka in one hand and the steering wheel in the other - that's how a drunk driver was cruising through traffic in the centre of Gdynia. Luckily, he was spotted by a city bus driver. The woman blocked his way, the passengers went out and apprehended the man, who now is in the hands of the police.

Tuesday, 5 pm. Franciszka Cegielska junction in Gdynia towards Witomino district. Skoda octavia stops at the crossing. With everyone around watching, the driver reaches for a bottle of vodka, takes a sip and than chases it with a sip of coke.

A few other drivers notice the situation, but it was the bus number 147 driver, Izabela Wilmanowicz who reacted first and cut in front the skoda. She informed passengers about the situation and they immediately called the police.

However, before the police arrived, the drunk driver had started an altercation. This time, the passengers left the bus and stood up for the bus driver. After a short tussle during which the passengers attempted to take the man's car keys, the police arrived at the scene.

The officers checked the man for blood alcohol content. "Breath analysis showed an estimated 2,5 blood alcohol content," said Krzysztof Kuśmierczyk from Gdynia police.

The drunk driver has been taken to the sobering-up station. Once he had sobered, he will be charged with driving under influence. He will face 2 years in prison and up 15 years of driving ban.

We managed to talk to Ms Wilmanowicz. "I decided that something must be done quickly and I asked the passengers for help. They recorded his license plates in case he had fled," she said.

The mayor of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek personally thanked Ms Wilmamowicz. She was given a financial bonus and permanent job contract.

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