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Police help pavement-walking beaver to reach green area

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Beaver walking down the street in GniezoGniezno Police
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Gniezno PoliceBeaver walking down the street in Gniezo

First it walked straight down the pavement, but then started to get closer to the road. This beaver's night stroll through Gniezno could have ended tragically. The animal was spotted by police officers and it continued on its path under their watchful eye.

An unusual police intervention took place in Gniezno. Officers patrolling the city spotted a "pedestrian" on Witkowska street, who was not planning to limit himself only to the pavement. The said individual was a beaver. The police has just released a video showing the animal walking down the street.

"Every few metres or so the animal was walking off the pavement onto the road, unaware it could have been run over by cars. The police officers escorted the animal" - Gniezno police informed.

The officers reassured they had ended the intervention only after the animal had safely reached its destination, that is the green area.


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