Gerald Birgfellner testified yet again regarding Kaczyński towers


Austrian businessman Gerald Birgfellner has testified yet again in the, but this time in Vienna (video from April 12)TVN24 News in English
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Austrian businessman Gerald Birgfellner, who accused Poland's powerful politician Jarosław Kaczyński of fraud, has given another testimony. This time to Austrian prosecutors in Vienna, although the questions have been sent in writing by the Polish prosecutor's office. Birgfellner answered around 100 questions.


The Austrian businessman testified for 3 hours at a police station in Vienna. Birgfellner answered 100 questioned that were sent in writing by Polish prosecutors. Some of the questions he had already addressed before, but the prosecutors wanted to explain some discrepancies in the testimony the Austrian gave in previous occasions. Birgfellner claims, however, that he already said everything he knew regarding the case. "I’ve testified altogether for 60 hours in Poland. I’ve answered to all questions. I’m a witness, and not the accused. I would like others to testify too," Birgfellner said.

Asked if Jarosław Kaczyński should testify as well, the businessman replied: "Yes, because it was him who hired me in the first place". Gerald Birgfellner accused Kaczyński of fraud and demands him to pay over 1 million euro for preparing planning for the construction of two skyscrapers for the Srebrna company, having ties with the Law and Justice party.

It was the seventh time when the businessman testified in this case, but for the first time in Austria. He said that he had felt pressured in Poland. Piotr Pyka, the attorney for Birgfellner, said that the prosecutors had asked very detailed questions. He added that he was under the impression that some of those questions could have been asked at one of the first hearings.

Polish prosecutors have launched a preliminary proceedings. So far, Gerald Birgfellner is the only person that was questioned.

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