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Police are after the man who kicked a teenager in the face during Equality March

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The teenager was kicked in the face by the attacker which resulted in his clavicle being brokenTVN24 News in English
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The police are looking for a man who attacked and kicked a teenager in the head during the Equality March in Białystok. According to portal, the attacked boy has a broken collarbone.

Chief Commissioner Tomasz Krupa from Białystok police has confirmed the information about another victim of the attack on the Equality March has been found.

"The parents will submit a notification about a crime that was committed. We're looking for a man who kicked their teenage son in the head," he added.

The whole incident was caught on one of the recordings on Saturday, during the Equality March in Białystok. Voices of a little girl and her mom can be heard from the off: "Mom, come here, I'm scared," says the girl. 'Don't be, you'll be fine. It's just those idiots are firing," - the mother said. "Why?" - the girl asked crying. "Because some people don't tolerate others. That's why," the mother explained.

The video shows that the attacked boy was acting peacefully. He was dazed after he got hit. According to the unofficial information by, the teenager has a broken collarbone.

A specially formed police task force is searching for people who broke the law by being aggressive against the participants of the Equality March.

The police published the images of the people they're after. "The database will be updated with latest photos. We're calling upon anyone who may have helpful information," Chief Commissioner Krupa said.

"We've determined the identities of 104 people who took part in Saturday's brawls in Białystok. 77 of them have been already detained," General Inspector of the Police Jarosław Szymczyk said on Thursday evening.

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