Accident involving presidential motorcade. Police car "slightly" hit a child on a crosswalk


TVN24 InternationalThe accident happened on a crosswalk, but thankfully the boy didn't suffer any injuries

Accident involving presidential motorcade in Oświęcim. A police car hit a child on a crosswalk. The hit was "slight," President's spokesperson, Błażej Spychalski told TVN24.

Pierwszą informację o zdarzeniu otrzymaliśmy na Kontakt24. - W Oświęcimiu samochód policyjny, który poruszał się w kolumnie, którą jechaliśmy, bardzo delikatnie potrącił dziecko - poinformował w rozmowie z TVN24 rzecznik prezydenta Błażej Spychalski. (

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"In Oświęcim, a police car that was driving in a motorcade we were on, very slightly hit a child," President's spokesperson, Błażej Spychalski told TVN24.

"The President instantly reacted, stopped the motorcade, ran towards the child and checked if everything was all right. We called anambulance which appeared shortly after," he said.

The spokesman reassured that he is in constant contact with the child's parents. "I also went to the hospital. It seems that everything is just fine and nothing serious happened," said Spychalski.

"It was a police car that was driving in a motorcade"

Asked about the car that hit the boym Spychalski said that "it was a police car that was driving in a motorcade".

He added that the accident took place on a crosswalk. "Both the police car and the child stopped. The moment the car started to slowly move, the child simply bumped into the vehicle," he said.

"According to both mine and ambulance crew's assessments, everything is all right with the child, but nevertheless, in line with the procedure, it was taken to hospital where it will be checked, he said in a conversation with TVN24.

Asked if the President changed his plans due to the accident, the spokesperson replied that "the President, still today, will most certainly visit the boy, who was slightly hit by this police car".

"The boy was in shock"

A police source confirmed to portal that the accident took place on a crosswalk nearby Wyspiańskiego street in Oświęcim. The boy was hit by a police car that was riding at the front of the presidential motorcade.

"The police car belongs to the Regional Command in Kraków. The boy was in shock, he tried to run away from the scene. The officers caught him and took him to hospital," said our source in the General Police Headquarters.

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