A herd of bisons captured on drone camera by a nature enthusiast

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A group of 7 bisons moved away from the main herdMarcin Siekierko
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Marcin SiekierkoA group of 7 bisons moved away from the main herd

A nature lover from Poland's northeastern region of Podlasie has recorded a herd of 25 bisons roaming fields in Narewka municipality.

"I'm very lucky to be coming across these animals. This was the fifth time in less than a year" - said nature lover Marcin Siekierko.

In mid-February, he recorded a huge herd at the fields nearby Kotówka and Trywieża in Podlasie. At the time, he counted as many as 121 bisons. This time the herd is much smaller, but it's still quite amazing.

Bisons were scouring the fields for food Marcin Siekierko

"This time the animals were much less frightened than those before. I managed to steer the drone very close" - Mr Siekierko said.

He captured a group of 7 bisons which had moved away from the herd.

"There were 25 bisons in total. I saw them on Monday while going to work. They were roaming the fields and meadows near Eliaszuk in the Narewka municipality. They were heading towards the river Narew. When I was returning home in the afternoon, they were already gone" - Marcin Siekierko said.

The animals were heading towards the river NarewMarcin Siekierko


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