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TVN24 News in English

They have three months to collect one million zloty. And this is all to help their son stand on his own two legs. The parents of little Alan hope that he will be able to undergo an expensive surgery and then rehabilitation in the USA for his leg defects. If not, the boy could face amputation.

Thirteenth night of disabled and their caretakers' protest in the Sejm. They want to meet with the minister of family and social issues, but demand a serious offer on the table. Minister Rafalska wants to meet, however, no longer in the parliament building, but in the Dialogue Centre. The protesters say that once they leave the Sejm, they won't be let back inside.

Almost half of respondents would vote for the current president Andrzej Duda, according to a recent poll by KANTAR Millward Brown for "Fakty" TVN and TVN24. His biggest rival would be the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk for whom 24 percent of those asked would vote. The mayor of Słupsk, Robert Biedroń came third in the poll with 15-percent support. In a run-off of presidential elections, 53 percent of those surveyed would support Andrzej Duda, while 44 percent would vote for Donald Tusk.

Power of Nowogrodzka (PiS party headquarters - red.) does not reach to the court rooms of other constitutional tribunals in EU. Over there, Polish Constitutional Tribunal does not hold any weight - said in TVN24 "Fakty po Faktach" Andrzej Rzepliński, former chief of that court. In his opinion, after changes in law forced by PiS, Polish Constitutional Tribunal has significantly lost in meaning. He said, that in face of such actions of the ruling party, judges should resist, even if that means being walked out of courts in handcuffs. In the first part of the program Waldemar Buda (PiS) and Jan Grabiec (PO) argued about current sit-in of disabled children parents in Sejm.

A Polish team won amongst 526 submissions from all over the globe for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition. The authors of the winning project are Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa and Piotr Pańczyk. is a concept of a skyscraper that could serve as a shelter for people from areas that are under threat of war or natural catastrophe. An origami inspired foldable skyscraper can be easily moved to and deployed in disaster zones.

- If the government is spending money so liberally, but can't find any funds in this situation, then I have only one conclusion: our financial situations is becoming tough - said in TVN24 "Kropka nad i" former president of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski. He was commenting on current dispute between government and parents of disabled children, who are protesting in the Sejm. In Kwaśniewski's opinion "the government came to realization, that the situation is bad and there is no more money".

What can you do when your flight is cancelled or delayed? Can you count on compensation? This time it was a close call for LOT Airlines passengers, as the general strike has been temporarily called off. However, it's good to know your rights in case LOT labour unions change their minds.

Beautiful and colourful tradition in the southeast of Poland. The International Mountain Hot Air Baloon Competition in Krosno always attracts the best pilots to compete. This year 33 crews came to Krosno to show their skills.

Labour holiday on the 1st and the Constitution Day on the 3rd of May means many Poles are kicking back and taking a week off. The weather this year in most of the country is making for a perfect vacation. Take a look at how Poles are enjoying their holidays.

Law and Justice is tightening the belt. In response to the bonuses given out to governement members by the former PM Beata Szydło, the salaries of representatives, senators and local officials will be cut by 20 percent. The new bill has been submitted in the Sejm. The opposition says that the legislation proposal is an attempt to cover up the scandal and tarnished image of the ruling party.

The "Constitution for Business" enters into force. The set of five acts which are aimed at the simplification of running business in Poland. Among other things, the legislation introduces new institutions and improves the relation between the business owners and the adminstration.

I still haven't reached my finishline - said Donald Tusk as he recieved an award from European Polonia in Aachen, Germany. And once again, he is causing waves of speculation. Will he return to domestic politics? Or after his term in Brussles is finished will he contend for the Polish presidency? The former prime minister leaves us wondering about his future.

"When the government introduced the 500 zloty benefit for raising children, people didn't get coupons for flour or sugar. These people received money," said Iwona Hartwich from the Committee of Protesting Parents of Disabled People. Ms Hartwich commented on the recent proposal offered by the government to the protesters from the Sejm. The guest of the second part of the programme was Professor Aleksander Hall.

"The government finds money for almost everything, including bonuses for the ministers. Unfortunately, with the exception of people who really need help. There's not a single penny for them," said Civic Platform MP, Andrzej Halicki in "Fakty po Faktach". On the other hand, Sylwester Tułajew from Law and Justice thinks that the problem of protesters from the Sejm is being heavily politicized by the opposition. The guests of the second part of the programme were Professor Antoni Dudek, politologist from Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and Dr Anna Materska-Sosnowska from the University of Warsaw.